Coaching Services


Due to requests from my readers, I'm now offering consultations, nutrition and training plans for weight loss, muscle growth and general health maintenance. 

Limited number of applications

Be advised that due to my work and personal life schedule (remember I'm an autism mom), I can only accept a limited number of clients. I run everything on my own, so it is not currently feasible for me to train everyone. 

As such, I'd also like to request that you are absolutely certain that you will have the discipline to stick to the program and put in the work before you contact me.

Thank you for your understanding.

Services offered

To get the best out of your interaction with me and a more tailored program to your needs, I'd like to kindly ask you to fill this questionnaire. Make sure you read the terms fully, provide as much accurate info as possible and select carefully which service you would like me to provide.

Here's a brief list of services offered.

One-time Consultation

A brief consultation through email WITHOUT a customised nutrition and training plan.

One-time consultation WITH a Nutrition + Training Plan

A consultation through email that includes a customised nutrition and training plan. Please allow up to 3-7 working days for the plans.

Monthly Subscription

Consultations and progress check-ins through emails on a weekly basis - initial nutrition and training plans NOT included.

If you've already filled up the questionnaire before, and you'd just like to extend your subscription, you may do so here (select your desired type of consultation from the drop-down list):

Consultation services

Due to the delivery nature of digital services and the amount of precious time devoted for coaching, I do NOT issue refunds once the consultations and programs (nutrition + training) have been delivered. 
Thank you for your understanding.