Cod liver oil for autism: Part 2

As I mentioned in my last article, we've gone through some stuff with my autistic daughter.

So I started looking at getting some supplements for her. Now before I get into what we ended up giving her and what they did for her, please check the video above. As a parent, you want to help your child. You are also overwhelmed and exhausted, so you may not notice some stuff.

So you go to the doctor and blindly get what was prescribed for them, or you go to a natural health food store or a pharmacy, and you pick up the 1st cod liver oil supplement you see, and then in 2-3 months time you're wondering why it's not doing anything for them.

In the video you will see as I browse on one of my favorite websites,, that a lot of the items are NOT as labeled. 

Many of them are literally sugar water, with only and I quote "0.05% cod liver oil". Like, what the actual heck is that??? That's NOT what I'm paying for at all. And I only saw one of them giving a warning that it contains sugar. You might as well save your money and just give them orange juice! Same thing!

Now let me ask you this: If sugar makes non-autistic children's behavior worse, what do you think it will do to a special needs child? You're literally getting the cod liver oil to improve brain function and therefore behavior too. These sugar waters branded as cod liver oil for children will do the EXACT OPPOSITE of the reason you're getting that supplement.

Most if not all, list the ingredients by order of quantity. So very often in these fake supplements, water will be the first ingredient. Then the sugar, and THEN, MAYBE the cod liver oil somewhere in between all the other crap.

And they're not necessarily cheaper either! So you need to be VERY careful what you are buying, because you can very easily make the situation worse if you get the wrong thing. So please ALWAYS check the labels, as well as keeping in mind of any reactions, benefits, side effects that may occur from giving them such supplements. If it ain't working after a few months, or you're noticing side-effects, change it!

So anyways, we got her a REAL cod liver oil supplement, no sugars added, not watered down, and according to my daughter's reaction when she's taking it, it tastes absolutely horrendous. We also got her some essential flowers oil drops to keep her calm. (That one she likes lol)

Now I can't say much about the flower drops, I haven't seen much difference, it could take more time, or maybe we just need something else. We just gotta keep trying, testing and waiting.

But... the cod liver oil? We've seen HUGE changes from the first week.

  1. She stopped wetting the bed.
  2. Haven't been called from school for any other incidents.
  3. For the first time, she started answering questions!!!!! 😳😮
  4. She's been communicating in ways she haven't before! Like "Pain, ear". She NEVER told us when she was in pain, and certainly not on the location of the pain!!! She even told us "I want medicine!" She NEVER asked for medicine! 😱 Like I didn't even think she knew why we were giving her pain medicine.
  5. Even my husband was all like "she said this, she did that". Like every day now, she remembers to take out her lunchbox from her bag when she comes home from school, and if there's any leftover food/snacks, she KNOWS that biscuits go to the cupboard, the olives in the fridge, the apple on the table, the half-eaten sandwich in the trash and she puts them all in the right place.
  6. Her eye contact has improved.
  7. She seems to understand me more. She's definitely following instructions better.
Is it expensive? Yes. Does it taste terrible? Yes. Is it a struggle to get her to drink it? Absolutely yes. 

But 1 teaspoon of that a day and autism is manageable again.

So yes, therapy is important of course, but sometimes we have to look for the physical connection to all this. And with that in mind, one of my next articles will be about their diet and why both my children hate french fries (which is weird, both me and my husband LOVE potatoes of any kind!)