Cure long Covid with an extended fast

  From brain fog, to histamine intolerance, food allergies, worsening of ADHD, fatigue, hypotension, breathlessness and chest pains, inexplicable hunger / cravings, joint pains / inflammation, long Covid has knocked on my door a few months after catching it. I had to stay carnivore for a while because I couldn't handle anything else without going into a lot of pain for weeks. I've decided to fast for 4 days, which is the longest I've gone without food (not a fan of longer fasts). Since then, I've been eating just about anything and I feel great! Hypotension is gone, histamine intolerance / food allergies are gone, back pain / inflammation is gone. Even my eyesight got better now to the point I no longer need my glasses! I will be repeating these extended fasts once in a while as I think I still need a bit more for my ADHD symptoms. Important notes: Depending on one's body, a 48h fast is enough for autophagy, but 72h+ is more appropriate for immune cell repairs (whic

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