Covid Day 2 - remedies and resuls - feeling much better


Day 1 here.

38 hours into my fast and I'm already feeling better. Muscle and joint pains have already subsided by a lot, and this time I got a full night's sleep.

Cold water on my face, forehead and eyelids on a frequent basis keep the fever manageable and the headaches away.

Dehydration is managed by the honey-lemon-salt water (and no, honey doesn't break the fast, see the methods of this extended fasting study with over 1400 individuals for more details).

Still taking my turmeric tea.

I'll still take it easy with my workouts (although I feel capable of doing a lot more than before), and keep fasting for as long as needed.

But all in all, I feel like my regimen is working so far 🤞🏻 (which happens to be the same for curing influenza lol).

No multivitamins, no ibuprofen / paracetamol, no antibiotics.  Just good old Greek medicine.

It's 3 am now, starting my 3rd day of recovery.

Day 3 here.

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