A month away from blogging - what have I been up to?

Well, for a starters, I got into a binge of 3 different online university courses - 3 different subjects too! 

I only got a week or two left of the 3rd one so things will start looking better in my schedule soon.

I've also wrote a big list of ideas for both ZenGainz and TravelerTechie. Truth be told, the TravelerTechie blog has been neglected (even though it has still been kind to me by giving me a wee bit of income every month), which is why I wrote some posts there to revive it a bit (and planning to write a whole lot more).

Oh, and since I've been asked this quite a lot, I've now set up nutrition and training coaching services for those who are interested.

This week is still a tad busy, so I'd probably start writing from next week or two, but I'm just checking in, in case you thought I abandoned ZenGainz; not happening!

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