How to treat dehydration from long Covid


Covid was bad only for 3 days for me, and I could be considered as getting back to normal from day 4, except for two things: constant feeling of dry mouth / dehydration and worsening of my ADHD (more on that and how I'm treating it on separate posts).

In regards to the dehydration, it was so severe, I thought I had organ damage or diabetes. Blood sugar turned out to be perfect as usual, so that wasn't the issue. I've tried doubling up on water, fruits, made my usual homemade electrolyte solution (lemon/honey salt water), even tried store-bought oral re-hydration solutions (which for some reason made me feel worse).

Then I started drinking a glass (300ml) of coconut water every day for 10 days. I was cured!

(The coconut water I've taken is 100% coconut water, boxed. No added sugars or other substances.)

Disease can sometimes cause electrolyte imbalances, and Covid is no exception. Coconut water on a daily basis can increase the plasma levels of potassium, so depending on what your body is depleted on, coconut water can be a great source of electrolytes and a solution to dehydration from long Covid. 

As always, this is my personal experience, and my results may not reflect your own. But considering that it's a nutraceutical (nature's healing gift), and it's nutrient dense (antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, and more potassium than a banana), it won't hurt to give it a try.

I am NOT a doctor, personal trainer, registered dietician, nutritionist, athlete, influencer, nor at the end of my fitness journey. The content of this blog is based on what worked for me and is for informational purposes only, not a replacement for medical advice from a professional. Furthermore, we and our bodies are unique, so everybody is different. My results may not reflect your own. Any action you take upon the information provided by ZenGainz is strictly at your own risk.