Possible blog merge into one central content space


This is not final yet, but I'm seriously considering merging my blogs into one. 

As I'm gonna be super busy with studies from this year on, and I've also been considering a 3rd niche, I don't like the idea of maintaining 3 different blogs. 

I'm fairly certain if I do make the move, everything will go into travelertechie.com.

Once it's done, whether it's health-related, tech-related, or education-related, all the new (and old) posts will be under one roof.

The added niches will be about software development + education outlining my experience and steps as a 35-year old stay-at-home mom (without even so much as a high school diploma) pursuing a degree (and later on, career) in software development as well as how I manage an already chaotic life around it.

One blog to conquer them all.

I've always felt Traveler Techie seemed a little... robotic? Nothing but emotionless video tutorials. Spicing it up with some health articles and personal posts might be a good idea.

I do not care what happens to the SEO and revenue from turning this into a multi-niche blog, this has always been more about my joy or writing than anything else.

I may also give up YouTube videos as well despite the added revenue that comes in every month. The culture over there doesn't suit my personality. I feel I can have just as much impact in a more serious way through writing instead. If not, no worries.

I'll update with a new post once it's final.

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