How to lose 5 kilos in 5 days (no calorie counting necessary)

One of my readers recently asked me "is it possible to lose 5 kg in 5 days?"

And I said "of course!"

Here's what is required though: 

Go on an extended fast for 5 days.

No meals, no snacks, no sugar or milk in your coffee or tea, no chewing gums with sugar, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, no juices, no diet sodas. Drink water only when thirsty.

For electrolytes, you can have a teaspoon of seamoss per day, or a homemade electrolyte drink: for every 1 It of water, add the juice of one fresh lemon, half a teaspoon of salt (sea salt, Himalayan salt, or black rock salt) and 1 teaspoon of honey (more on why honey is ok and recommended in another post).

You can make it easier by eating low carb and unprocessed foods only, for 2 weeks prior as a preparation to your fast. You might even start losing weight during this low carb prep.

Keep in mind that the amount of weight lost will vary for each individual.

The question is though, what happens after the 5 days end?

Well if you go back to your old habits, those lost kilos will creep back up again. How you break your fast is very important as well.

It is important during refeeds to stick to unprocessed, organic and low carb foods (up to 100g of total carbs a day), adopt 1 meal a day regimen and regular exercise if you're planning to keep those pounds off.

With extended fasts also come some great benefits: 

  • autophagy
  • cell regeneration
  • immune system boost
  • elevation of growth hormone
  • protein recycling
  • mental clarity and focus
  • sensitivity to insulin
  • gut microbiome reset
  • better relationship with food -- breaking addictions and bad habits
  • more productive days
  • saving money and time on groceries, cooking and cleaning
I would recommend that you start slow though, instead of aiming for fast weight loss, as extended fasts can be a big stressor to your body if you're not properly trained for them.

I will explain how to train your body for extended fasts on my next post. Stay tuned.

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