Craving for ice-cream? Do this instead

I haven't craved for nor touched ice-cream for almost a decade now. Sugar did a number on my health so I cut it cold turkey ages ago. Some find it weird or downright impossible to give up their favorite treats for good, but once you do and you're finally able to compare your state of body and mind before and after, you'll be wondering why you didn't do it sooner. Let's start with the easiest step.

Frozen Fruit

Replace ice-cream with a healthier alternative

Frozen fruit. I personally prefer a low carb fruit, like frozen raspberries or blueberries. There are no added sugars, no dairy, and if you have them frozen, it tastes just like ice-cream. 

You don't even need too much. Just a small handful of raspberries eaten slowly right after your main meal.

Cut out added sugars and artificial sweeteners

This is the first step I took, mainly because this was the root of my problems but also because the withdrawal symptoms can be nasty and take several weeks to subside.

This can only be done cold-turkey in order to finally break free from the addiction, and you have to be diligent about it, as sugars and sweeteners can be in your yogurt, mayo, bread, burger patties, bacon, etc. 

I don't even trust products that are labelled "sugar-free", "low carb", "keto-friendly". You'd be amazed at the nasty ingredients on some of these items. The simplest way to go about this is to switch to unprocessed foods only. Then your cravings will stop.

Replace most carbs with protein and fats

I noticed that even seemingly healthy foods such as oranges could bring up excess hunger and cravings. In this case it can help immensely to lower your carbs and increase your protein and fat intake, as they will keep you full for longer, and don't spike your insulin and sugar levels as much as carbs.


Now you may be asking, "Why should I give up on these life's little pleasures in the first place?" Because we don't know how sick some foods make us until we cut them out entirely.

Try going clean for a month or two. You'll notice better moods, more focus and clarity, more productive days and better sleep, improved immune system, no more fatigue and afternoon slumps, no more body aches and digestion issues. You'll even save time and money on groceries as you'll naturally be less hungry and with more energy, thus you'll need less food and less cooking and cleaning.

I am NOT a doctor, personal trainer, registered dietician, nutritionist, athlete, influencer, nor at the end of my fitness journey. The content of this blog is based on what worked for me and is for informational purposes only, not a replacement for medical advice from a professional. Furthermore, we and our bodies are unique, so everybody is different. My results may not reflect your own. Any action you take upon the information provided by ZenGainz is strictly at your own risk.