How I've successfully treated ADHD - without medication (part 2)


Part 1 here.

Now before I dive into the specifics, it is imperative that I ask this:

How far are you willing to go for your health and how wide can you open up your mind?

I know, I know, there are many charlatans out there, so you do need to be skeptical of everything. But I'm not selling anything. In fact, my way of treating my ADHD has saved me a lot of money every month. Also, my methods are not only backed by science, but most of it is plain common sense, and there are no side-effects. In fact, some of the methods is advice you've probably been given by everyone, including doctors, your entire life.

But the reason I need to ask this question is well warranted. Let's take a small example of the ADHD community on Reddit. That subreddit looks like it's owned by big pharma itself. 

Medications that are known to cause heart disease, addiction, seizures, and at the very least, hypertension and heart rate irregularities are being praised and promoted like crazy over there. The members of that subreddit also go on to other subreddits completely unrelated to the disorder, and for every problem / question on those subreddits, they respond with "just take Adderall", which has been widely known to cause heart damage. 

And notice that they only praise medication on the first few days. A few months down the line, they're back to that subreddit complaining about the comeback of symptoms, even after the dosage has increased.

On the other hand, the ADHD subreddit prohibits the talk of any alternative (and safer) treatments and it's frowned upon the community. The community is also firm on the belief that ADHD cannot be cured. Well then, like Henry Ford said, "whether you think you can or you can't, you're right". As soon as you decide that there's no solution to your problem, you failed already. This is quitters mentality. 

And I know how my tough love is not appreciated nor well received, but my method requires a lot of work and discipline... well at least initially. Once habits are well formed and you finally start seeing the results, it will become easier to stick with it. 

But I'm telling you now, if you're not willing to go the extra mile, put in some serious effort in all the aspects and areas of your life that you need to change, as well as open up your mind and believe that it can be done, don't bother reading my next post. Go to your doctor and take your medicine.

Part 3.

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