Anxiety and Depression... Gone????

So the last 2 months I've made some changes to my supplementation. I've switched from Omega 3 fish oil to Cod Liver Oil, and I've also added Magnesium. 

Now I've decided to take magnesium for the hormonal fatigue and those God-awful DOMS that go for days. But instead what I've noticed (and this after at least a month or 2 on them) is that I no longer have anxiety, and the hormonal depression that used to come and made me cry for absolutely no reason is entirely gone. Like, I don't remember the last time I cried, worried or even getting irritated about something. That's not like me lol.

I've read that I'm supposed to take the magnesium before bed as it helps with sleep too, but I've been taking it in the morning instead. (Plus, I have 5-HTP for that).

Along with those changes, I'm also away from social media for the most part, as my husband has been bugging me for months to write a book lol. So I'm slowly working on that, which keeps my mind occupied in a good way, along with reading books on Scribd (currently on Tony Robbin's "Awaken The Giant Within", loving this one so far).

Honestly, I don't remember the last time I've felt so much at peace. So much so that I'm thinking of going back to Strong, as Hevy's social aspect can still be a distraction. Problem is, I already paid for a yearly subscription on Hevy lol. Might switch to Strong next year then.

Having a consistent workout regimen and a healthy diet is a must for depression and anxiety, but changing our environment, the information we are exposed to, our routine and our way of thinking (and even adding some supplementation to the rescue) helps a bunch too. So it's not just cleaning up our diet, but all that useless information that clutters and clogs our brain too.

Honestly after 3 weeks on magnesium I didn't notice any changes in regards to the reasons I was taking it, and I was wondering whether to keep taking it. But I'm glad I did. 2 months later and it helped with the most important thing of all: my mental health. 

So to summarise what currently makes me feel so amazing (in case it helps anyone else):

  • Cod liver oil + Magnesium supplements
  • Get rid of social media as much as possible (reduce screen time), including all those articles and YouTube videos that keep creating more questions than answers.
  • Stay productive doing something you love and keeps you so busy you forget to eat lol (in my case, write a book)
  • Read books (especially self-help, motivational and educational ones, such as for nutrition and fitness)
  • And as always, eat healthy, avoid junk, and exercise