No more need for maca root supplementation

2 years ago, after I had my hysterectomy, my sex-drive has gone to non-existent, along with other perimenopause symptoms, despite that I kept my ovaries.

After months of frustration, and trying out different supplements, I found maca root to work perfectly for this issue, without any side-effects, and it has served me well all this time.

Lately, I've noticed my libido was extremely heightened. I don't know if it's because I started doing MetCons in my training or related to fixing my back problem or what, but nutrition-wise not much has changed (if at all). So I thought I'd stop the maca root supplement for a few weeks, and even now that I'm having a week off from training before starting my new routine, my sex drive has been great.

Over the years, I've taken several natural supplements for treating various ailments, and it's always a wonderful moment to realize that after a while I have no further need for them.  Not only because I get to save some money, and have one less thing to remember taking, but also because it assures me that some treatments are not needed to be taken for life. 

Like the ajwain tea with Neem oil for instance. I was taking 4 cups of that tea every single day for a full year, to cure my infertility and hyperandrogenism. Once I had my children and my hormonal blood tests all kept coming out normal, I no longer needed to take that high of dosage and as religiously. Now I only take it sporadically when I get an IBS attack as it provides immediate relief.

All in all, I'm pleased that another symptom is now history. If later on for some reason menopause hits me hard as I take on the years, then I will keep this supplement in mind to take again. But for now, I'm good.