Nobody wants the truth

Bacon lovers love to hear about the benefits of keto, just like those who think they are holier-than-thou like to hear about the effects of veganism.

Nobody on keto wants to hear about the science of the health effects of fruits and potatoes on our gut microbiome, just like nobody on CICO (calorie deficit) diet wants to hear about how those processed foods full of sugar wreck that same microbiome and how it affects our metabolism and increases risk of disease.

Carnivores on the sound of veggies start yelling "ANTINUTRIENTS" while vegans call anyone trying to get their protein, creatine, B12, calcium etc "MURDERERS".

The oxymoron of this whole situation is that these close-minded people were easily duped and brainwashed by whoever influencer they happen to listen to first (or whoever lets them have their favorite treat).

While a lot of them claim in the beginning "it works, I lost a million pounds in 5 seconds", most of them later on complain to the same influencers about how they reached a plateau, or how their blood sugar levels are still elevated, or they gained all the weight back (and more), or how women lost their menses, or "small annoyances" which are really warning signs of malnutrition, or overconsumption of just one thing, which may eventually lead to things like heart disease, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, anemia etc.

And despite what they say, they don't really pay attention on what a certain diet does to them in the long term. Nobody cares... until they end up really sick, and suddenly all those arguments and preaching to strangers online seem worthless now (or even dangerous).

They also seem to believe that exercise is not needed due to the diet they're following. Another huge mistake. Have the diabetics considered that the reason they can't get their blood sugar levels down despite their huge restrictions, is because they don't move? 

But nobody cares. Nobody wants to know why. Even when they ask you for "scientific proof of your claims" nobody bothers to read it. They're too stubborn and proud to change their mind anyways, so why bother?

We are living in an obesogenic environment, where people love every single excuse to be lazy, while having access to highly processed foods, and even though a lot of them have labels to cater every diet out there (vegan, low-carb, low-fat, zero calorie, zero sugar, zero fat), they're still highly harmful for us.

Just look at the ingredients of a so-called skinny syrup or a "zero sugar" chocolate protein bar. Products labeled "sugar-free" have aspartame and products labeled "aspartame-free" have sucralose and the fiddle goes on and on. Even pasta is healthier than these "health products" at this point.

So what exactly is the point I'm trying to make? 

Nothing, forget it, nevermind, it's not important, because nobody wants the truth. Wreck your health, bring your body to its knees and put your gut, hormones, and metabolism to the state that I've been trying to repair mine from for years. Keep it up, you're doing great!👍🏻