Pyramid squats to build massive legs fast

Beat my time by 2 minutes. It's practically just one big set these days.

Pyramids are great for both hypertrophy and muscle endurance,  and in the case of legs, the squat alone is more than enough to cover all the lower body muscles.

The gains and definition I had just from this, in such a short time is 👌🏼.

- As always, full and controlled range of motion.
- Don't turn it into cardio, you should feel the burn and reaching failure around the peak of the pyramid.
- Minimize rests as much as you can. If you do rest, walk it, don't sit down.
- You might be heavily sore for a couple of days the first time you do it. 🙃 (keep it moving for relief)
- Frequency at the beginning should be no more than once a week.
- You may later incorporate it on a daily basis if you wish for a month or 2 (nucleus overload).
- My pyramid is 31 sets, up and down, starting with 2 reps, then 4 reps etc, then ending back to 2 reps on the last set. The peak before coming down is 32 reps. Adjust the intensity and volume as desired.