Don't EVER let me go out of OMAD!

Meet Sophie. Follows a strict, clean diet for 2000-2500 calories throughout the day, gains/maintains weight.

Then does OMAD with the EXACT same strict diet, EXACT same calories, and EXACT same training regimen, loses weight.

Isn't surgical menopause "wonderful"?

Isn't the Internet amazing with all its "experts" telling you it's just calories in, calories out?

Seriously, the next time I go out of the One Meal a Day regimen, somebody slap me in the face.

I always feel my best when I fast for at LEAST 20h a day.

And the more books I read about past times (currently in the 2500-page book about Hippocrates' complete work), the more I realize, OMAD and unprocessed food is the way to go.