Fast food = Dangerous infection?

"It's just CICO" they said. "You can eat whatever you want as long as you're in a calorie deficit" they said.

I never needed a study to know the effects of junk food in our bodies. I've been there. Eat crap, feel crap. It should have been common sense by now.

Yet, we get mocked and insulted daily for warning people to stay away from artificial sweeteners, processed food and fast food chain restaurants.

That once a month cheat meal can still do a lot of damage. But what do I know?

Calorie counting is NOT how I reversed my prediabetes.
Calorie counting is NOT how I cured my PCOS, infertility, insulin resistance and IBS-C.

Junk food during my childhood IS what caused all the above though.

And I've managed to treat them all, through food!

Conditions that doctors told me there's no cure for and that I'm genetically predisposed to suffer with diabetes, heart disease and all sorts of other serious issues (since they all "run in the family") and that I would have to take medication for all my life.

They told me repeatedly I couldn't have children either, yet I'm blessed with 2 of them, now 9 and 10 years old, and all I needed was the healing power of proper nutrition and some herbs! 

So stop listening to influencers on "how to get jacked by eating anything you want" and take care of yourself from the inside first!

And enough with the excuses already.

Your genetic makeup DOES change with nutrition. What your parents did or had might be what influenced your situation, but since you're an adult now, YOU have the power to change it all around.

It's never too late. But you have to start NOW!