High frequency training and microworkouts

Today's work. MetCons, Yoga, Skill Training, High Frequency & High Rep calisthenics, cardio, martial arts for fun (TKD), meditation, further stretching and mobility.

All of the above help me in so many ways, and I can't imagine cutting out one of them.

Especially as we're getting older, or being hit by conditions like PCOS or menopause (or in my case, surgical menopause at an early age), I find it essential to keep boosting our metabolism, raise our energy expenditure, eating right and take care of our mental and emotional state of mind.

A sedentary lifestyle shouldn't be an option. 30m of exercise in the morning will not undo the effects of sitting for the rest of the day. Hence I like doing microworkouts throughout the day, or at least 2 big sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.