Modern medicine = toxic

As someone who's been through a lot and through the system for decades, every single medication I was prescribed made me worse or brought up another issue.

Everything from birth control pills, antidepressants, antibiotics, metformin etc even the "harmless" painkillers have done more damage than good.

I was diagnosed as prediabetic with PCOS and several doctors told me:
- I couldn't have children
- There's no cure for PCOS
- I would end up diabetic, just like my father and grandma (from mother's side).
- There's no cure for IBS-C

With nutrition alone, I cured, on my own:
- Infertility (I have 2 children, got pregnant 3 times)
- Fibroids
- Amenorrhea
- Insulin resistance (no longer prediabetic)
- PCOS (ultrasounds and blood tests have been normal and clear for the last decade, symptoms gone)
- Chronic depression (yes, nutrition plays a bigger role than you think)
- Chronic infections and fevers

The only time modern medicine proved useful to me, was a surgery 2 years ago for uterine prolapse.

Prevention will ALWAYS be better than the cure, but even when you need a cure for something, check what mother nature has to offer first.