The sugar in No Added Sugar Processed Foods

Always beware on these so-called "nutritious, healthy", ultra-processed junk. "No sugar added" my foot!

Sucralose does even more damage to your gut and body than sugar does.

Studies show that these sweeteners increase the pathogenic bacteria and inflammation in the gut microbiota, leading to glucose intolerance, diabetes and obesity.

My online grocer occasionally gives stuff like these for free (samples as part of marketing). Even before I saw the ingredients, I was gonna throw it in the trash, but I saw the labels and I was like "yeah, right" lol. "Let's check the ingredients, and I'll be the judge of that".

You know what's nutritious? The actual fresh ingredients from this powdered recipe. Apple, cinnamon, oats. Add them in yogurt and eat it. It's just as quick and more filling and nutritious. Don't drink that ultra-processed crap.