Food Journal Entry for 6 Aug 2021

Today's fast: 20h.

Lost another kilo. Current weight: 74kg (lost 4kg in total from the time of IBS-C cure). Veins popping on the back of forearms. More definition and muscle in my quads and hamstrings. Less fat around the abdomen.

Hot flashes during the night after eating oven roasted potatoes (high carbs) with the chicken yesterday.

Today's OMAD (one meal a day). Feeding window: 1h and 40m.

[x] 🥛 250ml Organic Kefir Shake (with 1 tbs shredded coconut, 2 tbs passion fruit pulp, 1 tsp honey)
[x] 🍳 2 fried organic pasture-raised eggs in extra virgin olive oil 
[x] 🥯 Bread: 3 high fiber buns (multiseed, no sugar)
[x] 🧀 100g flamengo cheese
[x] 🍅 15 organic cherry tomatoes
[x] 🫒 7 black olives
[x] 🍗 chicken roast (3 thighs)
[x] 🥗 One cup mixed boiled veggies 
[x] 🍈 3 Passion Fruits
[x] 🍫 10g of 100% dark chocolate 
[x] 🍌 1 Organic Banana