How to cure a cold or flu within 24 hours

I don't get sick as often anymore, but when you have kids that attend school, and one of them is autistic, sometimes it's unavoidable. Here's what I do to get rid of the common cold or a severe flu within 24 hours, and this works every time, no matter how severe the illness is.

Step 1 - Take action ASAP and no OTC medication

Follow this treatment as soon as you start noticing symptoms. The sooner you start treating it, the faster it will go away.

Do NOT take any medication for your fever, runny nose nor sore throat. These medications, such as cough drops, cough syrups, chewable vitamin C, Panadol & Ibuprofen, antibiotics etc, usually contain sugar or artificial sweeteners and other stuff that INCREASE inflammation or hurt the diversity of your gut's microbiota (such as the case with antibiotics).

They are designed to make the illness linger for more days than necessary, so you can keep popping pills for weeks and then going back to the store for more.

Step 2 - Honey for sore throat

If you have a sore throat (or even if you don't), start the treatment by taking 2 teaspoons of honey. Honey is the absolute best treatment for soothing a sore throat and instantly stopping a cough. It is also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, so it will help speed the treatment along. If you can't handle swallowing honey, mix it with some lemon juice.

Step 3 - Fast between 24-30 hours

Autophagy will take care of the infection. By eating absolutely nothing for at least 20-24 hours, your body will start breaking down all the pathogenic bacteria, viruses and other garbage you have in your cells. You will notice it working when you suddenly start sneezing repeatedly.

Step 4 - Drink water and herbal teas throughout the fast

Specific ingredients in herbal teas can help speed up the treatment. These are: turmeric, ginger and green tea. 2-4 cups within your 24 hour fast are more than enough.

Step 5 - Sweat it off

I always do some indoor cardio, whether it's low intensity steady state (LISS) on a stationary bike or rowing machine at home for at least 30-60 minutes, or a light MetCon (HIIT) with bodyweight training (squats, pushups etc). Sweating it out will almost instantly bring the fever down and any nasal or chest congestion.

And of course, the hot steamy shower afterwards will help as well.

Step 6 - Stay busy

Although I do always avoid human contact to prevent spreading the infection, I don't stay in bed when I get sick, contrary to popular advice. Sun and fresh air can help speed up the healing process, and working or cleaning the apartment sends my body the message that nothing changes, I still need my body and mind to function as usual, so hurry up and heal.

Step 7 - Cured: The post-healing process and prevention

Although the above cure my symptoms within 22-24 hours, I usually extend my fast to 30 hours to help clear up any remnants of the infection, along with the herbal teas (although I take those routinely on a daily basis anyways).

An important thing you should never ignore, is what you put into your mouth AFTER you break your fast, because certain foods increase inflammation in the body and they may ignite another instance of the illness and undo all that work. These foods are:
  • Processed sugar / artificial sweeteners. Honey has healing properties and does NOT increase inflammation. Processed foods with sugar and artificial sweeteners on the other hand will have your flu back in no time. Processed sugar should be avoided from your diet entirely.
  • Processed foods / fried foods: Just like processed sugar, these foods are horrible for your gut, and therefore your immune system. If you want to stay disease-free, or at least ensure whatever you catch out there won't have severe symptoms, you need to avoid them entirely from your diet.
  • High sodium foods and dairy. Avoid these temporarily (for 1-2 days after your treatment), as they increase nasal or chest congestion. You may want to avoid canned soups and milk especially.
  • Throat irritants. Again these should only be avoided temporarily for a few days and only if your cold was accompanied with sore throat. These are fruits like oranges, strawberries, passion fruit, lemons, spicy foods, cold drinks/foods.
The best prevention measures for future colds and influenza are:
  • Eat a healthy diet, completely devoid of processed and junk foods.
  • Exercise regularly
  • Boost your immune system and your gut diversity with the right foods (video / article coming up on that)
  • Wash your hands regularly with warm water and soap made with natural ingredients (no antibacterial / antiseptic needed)
  • Avoid close contact with people as much as possible
  • No flu shot needed

I am NOT a doctor, personal trainer, registered dietician, nutritionist, athlete, influencer, nor at the end of my fitness journey. The content of this blog is based on what worked for me and is for informational purposes only, not a replacement for medical advice from a professional. Furthermore, we and our bodies are unique, so everybody is different. My results may not reflect your own. Any action you take upon the information provided by ZenGainz is strictly at your own risk.