Losing weight while eating tons of food


People will doubt your abilities

The amount of people that told me a bunch of ridiculous stuff over the years and I've proven them all wrong, are countless:

  • "There's no cure to your PCOS"
  • "There's no cure to your IBS-C"
  • "You can't have children"
  • "You'll have to be on medication for all your life"
  • "You'll end up with diabetes and heart disease"
  • "You can't lose weight without counting calories"
  • "You're nothing but an uneducated fatty"

Then they'll laugh at your methods

Well, this "uneducated fatty" has completely CURED:

  • her PCOS
  • anemia
  • hypertension
  • pre-diabetes / insulin resistance
  • chronic depression 
  • chronic back pain
  • had 3 pregnancies and has given birth to 2 children, 
  • hasn't taken any medication (or even multivitamins) in at least a decade or so (I do take cod liver oil, maca root and 5-HTP for the hysterectomy-induced menopause)
  • and recently cured her IBS-C.

In case you don't know, IBS-C can be more than enough to make you hold on to weight, even if you go to bed starving every single night. If you can't digest your food, your body won't metabolize the nutrients, so they'll just go straight to fat storage instead. And with chronic constipation, you can't even get rid of the waste properly (or at all!).

I've had lentils twice in a row this week and didn't even get gassy, something even normal/healthy people get when eating legumes. (and with IBS-C, lentils used to be my biggest enemy: I used to be floored in severe pain, trapped gas, bloating and constipation for DAYS!)

Recently I've noticed more veins popping on the back of my forearms (and all the way to the elbows), some more fat loss around the abdomen, and more definition and muscle mass on the legs (hams and quads, must be all those hundreds of daily air squats from the MetCons). So I thought of checking the scale today to see if it agrees with my observations, and lo and behold, I've lost another kilo. 

I've lost 4kg in total since I've cured my IBS-C recently (which is a lot for me, considering that I'm not obese, I'm short and I'm still gaining muscle). And I'm enjoying my life by eating a ton of food without even counting any calories nor macros. 

I no longer worry like I used to. If I want to eat bread with my eggs, I'll have it (grains have important prebiotics for your gut, more on that and which grains on another post). If I want to have a mountainful of fresh fruits in one sitting, I'll have 'em. If I want an extra portion of oven roasted chicken and potatoes, or an extra salmon filet, I'll have it.

I'm eating about 2500 - 3000 calories daily (with some vegetarian days being on the "low" side of 1800 - 2000 calories) and I'm still losing fat, and have visible veins popping everywhere even on my breasts (hurray for the hundreds of daily pushups lol)! 

Doctors used to struggle with finding a vein to draw blood from (as I was covered in a LOT of fat) when I was starving myself for months at 1500 calories a day (and I was religiously calorie counting even the herbal teas for crying out loud lol).

Then they'll ask you how you did it

So how is that possible?

  1. By fixing my gut and maintaining a diverse gut microbiome (and thus, digestion and my body's nutrient processing function).
  2. By incorporating strength training, cardio, stress reduction (yoga and meditation), MetCons (Metabolic Conditioning workouts, think: Crossfit but with all strict form bodyweight exercises).
  3. Building tons of muscle (ladies, it's NOT genetics, you DON'T need supplements, you just need A LOT of healthy food and hardcore training, and no, there's nothing wrong with a woman being bulky)
  4. By staying omnivore but only with unprocessed healthy foods (more posts coming soon on that).
  5. Staying disciplined and consistent in both my diet and exercise regimen, come rain or shine.
  6. Stop eating all damn day by incorporating intermittent fasting, (in my case, one gigantic meal a day (OMAD) with a feeding window of just 1 or 2 hours tops, works great).

On the Journal section of this blog, you'll find my diet and exercise regimen (and even random crazy thoughts I have of any given day). 

But note that I don't have time to transfer my logs to my blog every single day, but it will at least give you an idea of what I do in terms of training and food intake. Check also the Recipes section on how to cook the meals I usually eat.

Disclaimer: This YT channel & Blog are a documentation of my health journey. The content is based on what worked for me and is for informational purposes only, not a replacement for medical advice from a professional. I’m NOT a doctor, nutritionist, dietitian, coach, nor a personal trainer. Furthermore, we are all different and my results may not reflect your own. Any action you take upon the information provided by ZenGainz is strictly at your own risk.