Obesity and dopamine deficiency

Many many years ago, someone told me "you can be fat and happy". My ignorant self at the time replied with "nonsense. No one can be fat AND happy. Isn't that why people overeat? To fill a void? To feel better?"

Of course I didn't understand the science back then. I was trying to find a cure to other stuff and had a baby that kept me awake for 2 years straight.

I also heard the argument "you can't be fat and nutrient deficient". I'm afraid that statement is also false. Just because your body stores the excess nutrients to fat cells, that doesn't necessarily mean that the fat will be somehow converted to ALL the needed nutrients, hormones, neurotransmitters etc when it needs to. 

But one sentence that always pissed me off, is that "people are obese because they don't have willpower". Wrong again.

I know why I was fat. Hormonal imbalances from PCOS and insulin resistance (with prediabetes). The so-called "treatment" with birth control pills didn't help either, as I gained over 25kg without even trying (no change in lifestyle). Nothing to do with willpower.

There are many reasons someone is obese, and willpower is almost never the factor. One of those reasons is dopamine deficiency. 

Dopamine deficiency can be either caused by obesity or it can cause obesity. Same with serotonin deficiency. Both affect your mental AND physical state.

Research also tells us that this could be a genetic trait, and it can make a person pre-disposed to obesity and encourage excess food intake, as well as having reduced glucose metabolism.

Does that mean there's no hope? Of course not. It just means you have to find a way to increase dopamine and/or serotonin if you are deficient, and you have to go against your own body and mind (as both of these deficiencies affect your state of mind with depression, demotivation etc) and fight harder than everyone else. You can still lose weight, and you should, as the more obese you are, the more nutritional imbalances and deficiencies you will have. One drives the other. 

I will make a separate post on how to increase dopamine naturally soon.

But other than genetics, you must also be aware that a diet high in sugar will suppress dopamine. A low protein diet might also be a cause, as you need the amino acid l-tyrosine for your body to produce dopamine. So if you are deficient in dopamine, it could simply be your diet and not a specific gene you possess.