The simplest, quickest, high-protein OMAD meal

Today's OMAD I'm keeping it simple.
It's a school holiday so everyone's home, gonna get busy. Broke the fast after 21h. Despite the monster workouts yesterday, I don't feel hungry nor tired today. 

But I am heavily sore. No way I can practice handstands today, will do something easy with the kids later.

- Start with kefir shake.
- 1 can of sardines, 200g of cottage cheese and veggies (half cucumber, some cherry tomatoes and black olives).
- 2 kiwis and 20g of 99% dark chocolate for dessert (ok it was less than 20g today, but who cares?)

The important thing when dealing with (surgical) menopause is to:
- Keep the carbs low (but not keto)
- The protein high
- Adequate fat intake
- Adequate calorie intake (don't wanna slow down our BMR)
- Healthy sources of all the above
- Eat only once a day.  I feel much better with eating once in the morning (the earliest you eat, the better your body metabolizes the nutrients, instead of taking them straight to fat cell storage.)

Now to those asking how I can eat something like sardines so early in the morning, 1) my food is my fuel and 2) sardines are satiating and they don't make you overeat.